An Admission

I love fabrics. I love shopping for fabrics. I love collecting notions and colorful threads. I love finding a new pattern to try. I love the feel of a sharp new rotary blade. I love stacks of completed quilt blocks.


I HATE basting quilts.

I did it anyway. My 4 Patch quilt is spray basted and I began quilting it today.



I also decided the block layout of my Trip Along quilt. I’ve seen other quilts laid out in diamonds or chevrons, but I decided to just be random with my placement.


I hope to get this top finished up this weekend. This photo also makes me realize, my kitchen floor space is smaller than the size of a king sized sheet.


I’m the Only Idiot in Walmart at 5 AM Buying…..

an iron.

Walmart opened a new location near my house last August. It’s literally a 30 second drive to get there. It’s been a blessing and a curse.

So good bye grungy ghetto garage sale iron with the too-long-cord-I-trip-over and the plug that’s been stepped on one-too-many times.


Hello new hotness! Shiny, heavy, sturdy with a retractable cord. No more tripping!


And YES, I realize I’m way-too-excited about an iron.

Monthly Progress Report – January

When I started this blog at the end of last year, my main goal was to get all the quilting projects I’d like to do out of my head or off of my Pinterest boards. I can say that after one month, I have been sewing every day and accomplishing a lot.  Yay – a resolution that seems to be sticking!


This is the basket I keep in my sewing closet that holds all my current projects. Tonight, I cleaned it out and here’s what it holds.


My Scrappy Trip Along blocks. I have 18 completed out of 25. The remaining blocks have the strips sewn together, but need to be finished and pressed. I actually ran out of thread today. Bad quilter!


Cross Quilt-blocks are completed. I will be making a trip to Joann’s to get more of the chambray fabric so I can get this top pieced and completed, as well as buy thread. I want to get this quilt finished by the end of February.


Blocks for table runner: no progress here and no rush.


Cross Stitching progress. So far, I’ve created a headless housewife. 🙂 This is a take along project for when I’m stuck in my car waiting for my kids at school.


Not shown, but in my project basket is a completely untouched batch of Christmas Block of the Month kits from Fat Quarter Shop. I plan to start working on that in June or July.

My short term plans are to finish my Trip Along blocks by Friday and to complete my 4 patch quilt by Sunday.

That pretty much wraps up January.

To celebrate my first month of quilt blogging, I’m joining my first link party over at Lee’s blog Freshly Pieced. So, if you are visiting from over there, let me warmly welcome you and thank you for stopping by!



Baaa Said the Sheep

Last night, I had every intention of staying on my couch, working on my cross stitching. Alas, my 41 year old eyes would not cooperate. 2 rows in, the only thing I was creating was a headache.  CS will have to remain a daylight activity from now on.

So, I started working on the trendy quilt of the moment, the Scrappy Trip Along.


Fabrics are Noteworthy by Sweetwater for Moda.

I tore into my new jelly roll. (see previous post). It’s a fun pattern to play with. Last night, I finished 2 blocks, along with 4 more today.



I have no idea how big I’ll make this. Guess I’ll just keep making blocks until I run out of fabric, or I get bored. Since the blocks are 12.5 inches, I”m thinking either 16 or 25 blocks.

Fun is over, now I have dirty dishes and children that need my attention this afternoon.