A New Beginning…

…to what hopefully will be a good year. Happy 2013! It was nice to sit down with my machine again and work on a project. I haven’t been sewing at all the last few weeks. With the holidays, I just never managed to find the time. But now, the tree is away, the house is decluttered, and resolutions have been made.

One of my perpetual yearly resolutions is to stop procrastinating. Yes, I know..it’s a horrible habit. So, my project today nibbled away at that a bit. See, this quilt I’m working on was supposed to be a Christmas present for my step-daughter Amanda. I’ve been uncertain which block I wanted to go with, the hourglasses or large pinwheels. My mind is still not made up, but at least some progress was made today.



This will end up with 25 blocks, I think. I plan on backing it with flannel. Tomorrow will be cutting and ironing day. At least that’s the plan for now.



3 thoughts on “A New Beginning…

  1. I was wondering what make/model sewing machine you use or if you have any suggestions on finding a new machine. I have a 20+ year old mechanical Pfaff that is having problems. I think it is time to upgrade 🙂

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