A New Toy

I’m not working on anything in particular today, but I am getting acquainted with my upgrade.

Meet Betty!


She’s no $1000+ all-the-bells-and-whistles machine, but I wanted lots of stitch options (she has over 100!), plus she has features my last machine didn’t-like dropping the feed dogs, needle up/down option, and speed control. I’ve been trying her out and she’s so much quieter than my last machine. Awesome for all-nighter quilting sessions!

She’s my 3rd Brother machine. I’ve never had issues with them, so I was confident sticking with the brand.

Now, off to study the manual and play some more.


Tuesday Update

I took the weekend off from sewing. I made a pincushion and ordered a new quilt pattern and templates on Etsy. Also browsed tons of pretty fabric bundles online. It was a nice and relaxing weekend.

After I take my oldest to college this morning, I plan on getting back on the bandwagon and quilting more of my 4 patch top.


Happy Tuesday!