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Hello there. Thank you for stopping by my little piece of the internet.

I created this blog to document a goal I have set for myself this year. I hope to make some time each day to “sew a little.” Sewing is a gift to myself. I really enjoy the process of creating something beautiful and useful. As a mom of four active children, my life can get quite hectic. Between the Brownie meetings, the PTA events and running a busy household, I hope to steal a few precious moments to myself each day….to indulge in some relaxing “me” time. It may be sewing a few quilt blocks, completing an unfinished project or even just stitching up a quick fabric yo-yo or two. Any progress toward reaching my goal and learning new crafty things.

My ultimate goal? To add just a little bit of pretty to each day. That sounds good to me.



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  1. Judi, I think you are on the correct path when it comes to completing your 2013 crafting goals. Your major goal is to ensure that some time of the day results in actual sewing. You have 4 active children and their needs will also be part of the equation. Sounds like you want to complete with quality projects. You’ve taken the first step and that is to identify the projects. (Brain storming List)

    I have a few suggestions for your consideration. Project managment has always been my strong suit and I want to share a few hints. A Time Matrix is another useful tool. Using a tablet entitled “Projects To Do”. The result would be a Matrix. Then I use the first few sheets and actually divide them into thirds. Column 1 Is the list item or projects.and purpose

    Column 2 Materials Required.Under Column 2 you can list the items that you have and don’t have. Flagging the ones you don’t have as the will need to be purchased. [Shopping lists can be generated from the information in this column.

    Column 3 Estimated Time (Projected End). I complete jotting own the items. marterials, and resources needed to be completed within the boxes of this matrix.

    The end time of the project plays a critical role. You need to back track to determine alloted work time and then weave it into your daily planner
    Then using my daily planner I can list the different phases of projects and what needs to be done. I try to include a time span.
    As I finish each task, I can cross them off the daily planner and the matrix. This protocol allows me to see how much time is actually used at the different steps and phases in the sewing process. In other words, I can designate a weekday and shop for all the items that I did not have handy and are required for product completion. The planner can also contain the costs of these itesm and later on you can use to tally your final cost.

    Its important to keep track of estimated project conclusion. As you follow the time from beginning, selection and identification, to the preparation and construction and lastly time for final touches. Having this information will help with future planning.

    . I hope I’ve explained my self succinctly. If you need clarification on any part please contact me. The object of this post is to illustrate how ;project managment can be modified to work with crafting. The information in Column 2 and 3 lends itself to a personal daily planner. Items added will have merge into your day and only you can adjust that. Actual construction of the project needs to be included in the calendar as well. E.G. you would know if on a Saturday you have 3 hrs where you could devote to sewing.

    If you can use this method, and have questions, please feel free to contact me.

    • Great ideas! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I can see me incorporating those time management skills into my planner, especially the time and cost tracking. I would like to sell some of my quilts down the road, and your ideas will help me in determining future prices.

  2. I love your 4 patch quilt made with the polka dot stitches fabric. Did you make this from a pattern or create it yourself? I would really like to make this quilt so if you could tell me where you got the pattern I would greatly appreciate this. If you made the pattern up yourself if you could give me the measurements of pieces that would be great! janicelashley@gmail.com

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