Tuesday Update

I took the weekend off from sewing. I made a pincushion and ordered a new quilt pattern and templates on Etsy. Also browsed tons of pretty fabric bundles online. It was a nice and relaxing weekend.

After I take my oldest to college this morning, I plan on getting back on the bandwagon and quilting more of my 4 patch top.


Happy Tuesday!


I’m the Only Idiot in Walmart at 5 AM Buying…..

an iron.

Walmart opened a new location near my house last August. It’s literally a 30 second drive to get there. It’s been a blessing and a curse.

So good bye grungy ghetto garage sale iron with the too-long-cord-I-trip-over and the plug that’s been stepped on one-too-many times.


Hello new hotness! Shiny, heavy, sturdy with a retractable cord. No more tripping!


And YES, I realize I’m way-too-excited about an iron.


Today I’m taking a little quilting break, but I’m still sewing. I started this cross-stitch project from the Martha Stewart website that I think is just adorable.


There will still be plenty of quilting going on. Especially with all this goodness:


I just love precuts.

I hope to cross stitch some more this evening. Today was mostly spend running around. Eddie had his yearly IEP meeting at school, Ethan had to be taxied back and forth to college and then shipped off to his buddy’s house for the weekend. The girls are spending the night at Grandma’s house. Oh, and I filed our taxes. Busy, busy. Now to relax and enjoy the weekend.

On My To Do List

I’m a list maker, a planner, an organizer. But generally, if I don’t write things down, they just don’t get done.

I’m also a fabric collector. I buy fabrics with a certain project in mind, but by the time I get around to using those fabrics, I’ve forgotten what I wanted them for originally. It doesn’t help I have a massive amount of Pinterest boards to distract me with that problem. Because I want to make this quilt, and that quilt, oh and that one is sooooooooo adorable…haha!

So, tonight, I’ve been doing a bit of planning, with the hope that if I’ve documented a project here on my sewing blog, it will keep me on task. Hopefully. These are quilts I want to make.

Right now, I’m working on this:

Cross Quilt

A Cross Quilt using Architextures fabrics.

Future Projects:


Kite in the Clouds quilt using Posy fabrics

Scrappy Trip

Scrappy Trip Along quilt with Noteworthy fabric.

polka dot

Frozen Knickers Half Square quilt using Polka Dot Stitches fabrics

song bird

Fresh Lemons Ribbon Star quilt using Riley Blake Song Bird fabric

pieces of hope

Puzzle Piece quilt using Riley Blake Pieces of Hope Fabrics.

And just for fun, these are fabrics sets that are on my To Buy list, when they are released.




Bake Sale


Happy Go Lucky

This list should keep my busy for a while 🙂

Unless those darn Pinterest boards distract me again….




Sort of a weekly wrap up.

PicMonkey Collage

Hello Kitty is finished.



Butterfly Kisses mini quilt is finished. I planned on hanging it in my daughters’ room, but right now, it’s on the wall over my desk.


Fabric is cut for my next quilt. I’m making cross blocks for this quilt.


I hung some fabric for a design wall, but my girls have been playing with it with fabric scraps. I may have some future quilters on my hands.

The winds here are horrible today, with snow expected later. When I went outside to take the girls to Sunday School, my big wood bench, my shovel and our sleds were all blown over onto my neighbor’s front lawn. Yikes. It will be a good day to stay home, work on my blocks and watch the Sabres first game of the season. I’m sure Hubster will be in sports heaven, between hockey and the NFL playoffs.