A New Toy

I’m not working on anything in particular today, but I am getting acquainted with my upgrade.

Meet Betty!


She’s no $1000+ all-the-bells-and-whistles machine, but I wanted lots of stitch options (she has over 100!), plus she has features my last machine didn’t-like dropping the feed dogs, needle up/down option, and speed control. I’ve been trying her out and she’s so much quieter than my last machine. Awesome for all-nighter quilting sessions!

She’s my 3rd Brother machine. I’ve never had issues with them, so I was confident sticking with the brand.

Now, off to study the manual and play some more.



Today I’m taking a little quilting break, but I’m still sewing. I started this cross-stitch project from the Martha Stewart website that I think is just adorable.


There will still be plenty of quilting going on. Especially with all this goodness:


I just love precuts.

I hope to cross stitch some more this evening. Today was mostly spend running around. Eddie had his yearly IEP meeting at school, Ethan had to be taxied back and forth to college and then shipped off to his buddy’s house for the weekend. The girls are spending the night at Grandma’s house. Oh, and I filed our taxes. Busy, busy. Now to relax and enjoy the weekend.

Polka Dot Stitches 4 Patch Quilt

Progress since my last post, in photos.


White borders added to 48 blocks.


A pretty block stack.


Fabrics chosen for sashing.


Playing around with blocks late at night on my poorly lit design wall.


Completed quilt top! Yay!

Not shown. Picking out 2 complete rows that were lined up incorrectly, reminding me not to assemble quilts when overtired.

This now goes into my “To Be Quilted” pile. I may back this with a turquoise flannel and the binding will be the aqua daisies print from this fabric line.

Since yesterday was a marathon sewing session, I will be taking it easy today and catching up on neglected, pesky house work.